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Real shit my buds this shit might be the cleanest music I’ve heard this year. First the cover art clean as fuck shit looking like a blue chaos emerald ya feel me? I like how the EP is like us witnessing a metamorphosis and homie be spitting some real shit. Who I am cause it really do sound like a Sonic The Hedgehog level theme song. Shit just extra wavelike. This EP solid like a geodude though. No faking. 



Chris Jay makes his GemOwlz debut with the release of his latest project “Thanks For Nothing”. This 5 track EP is the product of a 4 month period which Chris describes as a dark time for him. Chris Jay speaks from the heart and gives listeners his experiences over smooth production and fire raps. So do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Chris Jay and listen to Thanks For Nothing below.


It’s ULSTN HUMP DAY and we’re hipping you to tracks to help get you thru the week.

This week, we’re hipping you to Chris Jay‘s “I’m Good”. This a no haters allowed track. When you’ve been grinding so hard to achieve everything that you’ve achieved and decide to enjoy the fruits of your labor, some people will throw shade at you. Chris Jay gives the perfect response you should give people who throw shade at you, “I’m Good”. Check it out!


Chris Jay, along with fellow St. Louis recording artists, MVSTERMIND, we're featured in episode 3 of Vess Soda's web series, "St. Louis Made".